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SMT Black Splice Tape

          Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.we can supply all kinds of SMT splice tape,SMT splice tool, SMT splice clips,
SMT Splice tape products description
1. The applicable to joint SMT carrier tape ,ensure non-stop to joint for all kinds of SMT carrier tape.
2. We mainly have four types splice tape: Single splice tape, Double splice tape, Omnipotent splice tape, Special splice tape, use for different SMT machines.
3. Easy operation, save labor, improve benefit of production, save cost.
4. High quality , high accuracy , good price
Remark :
1,Main Color of products : Yellow ,Blue ,black (glossy black and matte black),Green , Silver 。
2,Different color are used to be induced by machine, it is easy to division and find。
3. The code of color as following big word: Yellow(Y),Blue(B),Black(D),Green(G), Silver (S).
4, the "X" stands for bevel shape of splice tape.
5, the shelf life is about half year to a year, Storage condition: under about 10-30℃.

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  • ST195D


Product name: SMT splice tape for panasonic:

1. Product structure: The overall design idea is to completely cover the surface of SMT material with holes at the refuelling place with tape, and effectively apply to the automatic programming implant of Panasonic's Proline-RoadRunner surface mount platform.

2. Feeding scheme: The product adopts edge positioning design, without any auxiliary tools when feeding, relying on positioning edge can easily complete the feeding process. Tape is attached to the top and bottom of the film as well as the outside to make it more secure.

3. The SMT machine can confirm the position of the receiving place through the color sensing device;

4. Shelf life: half a year to one year, storage conditions: 10-30℃.

5. Product code: ST195D

6. Tape color: black

7. Packing: 8mm-16mm for 500pcs/ box, more than 24mm for 250pcs/ box

8. Application range: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24m/32mm material belt.

ST195D splice tape

How to use:


1. On the SMT component, cut along the center of the hole

/27uj8 Remove the covered base paper

3. Insert the raised round point of the film into the two joint holes, fold it in half along the center of the substrate, and position the other side of the adhesive tape. After pressing the adhesive tape on the film, clear the substrate and press the lower film again, and the component tape will be connected well.



show 5_

1. After pasting, press the film tightly with your fingers to strengthen and fix it, so as not to open it easily

2. Friends on the machine, please try to stick it well on the machine, don't stick half of it and then on the machine the next day. Hot weather will lead to some glue the next day,The tape falls off easily.


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