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SMT Single Guide Splice Tape

         Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.we can supply all kinds of SMT splice tape,SMT splice tool, SMT splice clips,
SMT Splice tape products description
1. The applicable to joint SMT carrier tape ,ensure non-stop to joint for all kinds of SMT carrier tape.
2. We mainly have four types splice tape: Single splice tape, Double splice tape, Omnipotent splice tape, Special splice tape, use for different SMT machines.
3. Easy operation, save labor, improve benefit of production, save cost.
4. High quality , high accuracy , good price
Remark :
1,Main Color of products : Yellow ,Blue ,black (glossy black and matte black),Green , Silver 。
2,Different color are used to be induced by machine, it is easy to division and find。
3. The code of color as following big word: Yellow(Y),Blue(B),Black(D),Green(G), Silver (S).
4, the "X" stands for bevel shape of splice tape.
5, the shelf life is about half year to a year, Storage condition: under about 10-30℃.
Product name: universal bonding film

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  • ST017D/ST179


 Side positioning single side splice tape( ST017D/ST179Y)

1, Product structure: consists of two tapes. The positioning holes are pressed on the two edges of the product, and the edge positioning film is used, which does not need to go to PET.
2,With the help of the material pliers and copper buckle, uncover half of the protection paper, locate the edge of the stuck material belt, the connection of paper tape and plastic tape can be used. Make paste. Positioning effect better.
3, Product code: ST179Y/ST017D
4,Tape color: yellow/black/blue
5, Packing: 500pcs/ box 250pcs/ box
6,Application range: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm/32mm material belt.

ST017D single guide tape_procST179 splice tape接料胶片展示1

The role of the enterprise
1, it can greatly improve production efficiency, if the shutdown of the material, each time the time spent is about 2 minutes, which is still fast, a machine running a minute counts 8 yuan, which wastes 2*8=16 yuan; If this time is saved by using the receiving belt, the cost of two receiving belts is only 0. It's four yuan.
2, can greatly avoid material waste: to avoid the material is too short to be used on the machine and discarded, can fully use the remaining materials.
3, is to reduce the mechanical loss of the machine Feida; Reduce the frequent stopping and starting of the machine, avoid frequent turning and other actions of Feida, which can extend its service life.
4, it can avoid some man-made accidents that may be caused by the switch cover.


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