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SMT Single Splice Clip

                                                           SMT splice clip
            Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.we have two kinds of SMT connection clips, single SMT splice clip and SMT stapler splice clip.
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  • SC281A


The single splice clip introduction:

1) Can be used with tapes in any width

2) Brass clip with holes used with tape splicing tool

3) The shim includes holes to allow the material to go through the sprocket wheel of tape feeder, and points to secure it to the carrier tape

3, For all SMD tapes; very accurate for PVC tapes; needs splicing tool together

4,package: 4000pcs/box

5,Use for our SMT splice tool(ST381A,ST381B,ST381C,ST381H,ST381G)

SC281A splice clip

SMT stapler splice clips introduction:

SC281D Stapler clips

1, the specification of the SMT stapler splice clip size is 85.5*26.5mm, each piece has 20 single copper buckle, do not have to put the copper buckle in each time, so save a lot of time.

2, SMT connecting material copper buckle packaging: 25 pieces/small box Color: yellow 8 small boxes/large box 8*25=200 pieces/large box, Each large box contains 8 small boxes.

3,Package: 25pcs/small box, 8pcs small box/ large box.

4,there are two style for stapler clips, side and no side.

5,Use for our SMT stapler splice tool( ST381D,ST381F,ST381I,ST381K)

1SMT splice tool show

Features: Made of pure copper, thin, soft, with smt single-side bonding belt and bonding pliers used together, solid and reliable bonding, and easy to cut, does not affect the placement machine cutting knife and feidar work, the material of the bonding copper buckle is made of phospho-copper stamping and sharp copper thorns, can easily penetrate various paper tape, tape.

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