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SMT splice tape for samsung carrier tape

         Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.we can supply all kinds of SMT splice tape,SMT splice tool, SMT splice clips,
SMT Splice tape products description
1. The applicable to joint SMT carrier tape ,ensure non-stop to joint for all kinds of SMT carrier tape.
2. We mainly have four types splice tape: Single splice tape, Double splice tape, Omnipotent splice tape, Special splice tape, use for different SMT machines.
3. Easy operation, save labor, improve benefit of production, save cost.
4. High quality , high accuracy , good price
Remark :
1,Main Color of products : Yellow ,Blue ,black (glossy black and matte black),Green , Silver 。
2,Different color are used to be induced by machine, it is easy to division and find。
3. The code of color as following big word: Yellow(Y),Blue(B),Black(D),Green(G), Silver (S).
4, the "X" stands for bevel shape of splice tape.
5, the shelf life is about half year to a year, Storage condition: under about 10-30℃.

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  • ST05G/ST028D


Product name: SMT special splice tape(ST025G)

1. Product structure: composed of three tapes, one of which covers half of the hole of the material belt. The positioning hole corresponds exactly to the material belt to complete the material receiving.

2. Faster positioning, more accurate feeding, effectively save feeding time, improve production efficiency.

3. Unique bottom paper horizontal division, easy to tear, will not take up the tape, eight-hole positioning design, material belt connection, not easy to deviate, high accuracy

4. Suitable for SMT machine: Global, Sanyo, JUKI,Samsung

5. Shelf life: half a year to one year, storage conditions: 10-30℃.

6. Product Code: ST025G

7. Tape color: green

8. Packing: 500pcs/ box for 8-16mm, 250pcs/ box for 24-56mm

Scope: 9. 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm / 32 mm / 44 mm strip.

ST025G splice tape


Products advantages:

1. No auxiliary tools are needed

2. Improve process efficiency

3, easy to operate, save labor.

4, reliability, high accuracy

5, the full use of surplus materials

6,The product is mainly used for SMT patch on-board belt to solve the connection of various broken carrier belts

7,Easy to operate, save labor, improve production efficiency, save costs.

8,Reliable product quality, high accuracy, high cost performance.


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