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High Temperature Tape

            High temperature tape is made by coating silicone or acrylic glue on polyimide Its mostly applied for the motor insulation, gold finger protection of PCB during wave soldering etc. Without any residue after the tape is removed from the gold finger. we can cut any size according to customer's request.
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  • ST187A/ST187B

           High temperature tape is mainly made of polyimide film. Polyimide is a synthetic polymer known for its excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties as well as its resistance to high temperatures. Here are the typical components of Kapton tape.


Polyimide film: The core component of Kapton tape is the polyimide film. This film is usually very thin, often measured in microns (microns), and it is it that provides Kapton tape with its unique properties. Polyimide membranes are produced through a polymerization process that involves the reaction of specific monomers to form a polyimide structure.

Adhesive: Kapton tape usually has a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of the polyimide film. This adhesive allows the tape to stick to different surfaces, making it suitable for different applications. The selection of adhesives may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and product.

Peeling liner: In some cases, Kapton tape may have peeling liner on the adhesive

High temperature tape is a key tool widely used in the semiconductor packaging process, it has excellent high temperature resistance and adhesion, can be used in a variety of packaging applications, including packaging chips, packaging pins and packaging circuits. This instruction manual will be detailed

High temperature resistance: High temperature tape has excellent high temperature resistance and is usually able to withstand temperatures of up to 300°C or more, which makes it ideal for semiconductor packaging processes.

Adhesion: High temperature tape has excellent adhesion and can reliably adhere to a variety of surfaces, including semiconductor materials such as metal, glass and silicon.

Chemical stability: high-temperature tape usually has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of various chemicals and solvents, ensuring that unnecessary problems will not occur during the packaging process.

Electrical insulation: High-temperature tape usually has electrical insulation properties, which can prevent electrical interference between electronic components.

Safety: When using hot tape in high temperatures, ensure that appropriate safety measures are taken, including wearing protective equipment and following relevant safety procedures.

Storage conditions: Properly store high temperature tape, avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight environment, in order to maintain its performance.

Select the right model: According to the requirements of the packaging process, select the right type and specification of high-temperature tape to ensure performance.


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