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SMT New Style Splice Tool

            Our company mainly serves SMT and electronics manufacturing plants worldwide for many years.the SMT splice tool and positioning scissors are an indispensable tool in the connection of SMT chip components. The auxiliary clamping copper is pressed into the SMT carrier belt to achieve seamless connection through the positioning scissors, and will not damage the components. Made of high quality raw materials.
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  • ST381G


Usage of the material connecting tool:

           Use the locating scissors to cut the load belt of the component, install the copper buckle on the positioning needle of the material connecting pliers, press the load belt on the copper buckle, clamp the clamp on the pliers, exit the material belt to complete the material connecting, and paste the material connecting belt on the top.

1SMT splice tool show


1, with SMT single-side feeding belt and feeding copper buckle used together, solid and reliable feeding.

2, easy to operate, made of special materials, lightweight products, suitable for female employees in the production line

3, good quality, good fall resistance.

4, long use period, experimental data show that it can knead more than 500,000 times (equivalent to 500,000 materials)

5,Designed specifically for SMD carrier tapes from 8mm to 44mm

6, Ensures that SMD component tapes can be joined securely and quickly

7, Ideal for splicing materials with shims in SMT line

8, Colors available: Black handle, Purple handle

9, New innovative design; better handling and accuracy

10, For use with splicing clips

11, allowing them to still pass through the sprocket wheel of the feeder.


1. Upper and lower handle, 2. Steel spring, 3. Reverse gear, 4. Active shaft, 5. Fastening shaft, 6. Bottom plate, 7. Clamp bar (one on each side), 8. Lower press plate, 9. Brass button

Part number:ST381A/ST381B/ST381C/ST381G


Product advantage:

SMT single side bonding belt and bonding copper buckle together, solid and reliable bonding. It is used to improve work efficiency by 35%, save materials by 40%, fully utilize the remaining materials, reduce the number of downtime, and extend the service life of the machine. Long service life, experimental data show that it can knead more than 500,000 times (equivalent to 500,000 materials)

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